Your Virtual HR Department

A Continuous HR Service acts as your off site HR support. We work with businesses that have no form of HR in place and those with a HR lead (You may have an officer or manager level that would benefit from the regular updates and legal support).

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The 'When You Need It' / Flexi solution 
Evolved HR Everyday HR

The 'When You Need It' solution is exactly as it says. A professional and expert high level HR on site to support your business needs. Just a click or a phone call away, our 'When You Need It' solution is suitable for every business type and size.

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A Change in the Business

Change can be anything from the amendment of a job description or a change to working hours or a change of location to a companywide reorganisation, TUPE or Redundancy. Change is an area that many businesses avoid which ultimately affects profit and company life. You will be surprised how affordable a business change can be .... with the ultimate aim of saving you thousands of pounds, retaining clients and business protection.

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​​All of our Outsourced HR services can be accessed as ​Virtual HR & Employment Law support, a 'When you need it' / Flexi solution or on an Upsize, Downsize & Evolving project basis. Whichever option you need, you can be assured that the commitment, professionalism and level of expertise remains consistent.
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