We are an outsourced Human Resources specialist, providing affordable, expert and professional solutions across the Whole of South Wales

​​What We Do

Whether your business employs one person or one thousand, Evolved HR Limited provides the right HR, at the right TIME at the right PRICE. 

Evolved HR is unique in that they truly understand that every business is different, different in size, culture, needs, staff turnover, challenges and experience. Evolved HR Limited ensures that your bespoke needs are met by a bespoke service and not a one hat fits all approach.

Evolved HR supports ALL business sizes & types through a range of HR solutions and offers ongoing, professional Employment Law Advice. Please click onto the services below to learn more about how Evolved HR Limited can provide the right level of support for your business

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  • Auto Enrolment (Pensions) . Please click here to contact me

  • Directors and Officers Insurance. Please click here to contact me
Suzanne Cullen
Suzanne Cullen mcipd
Director and Owner of
Evolved HR Limited.

Helping Micro & SME businesses with ALL things HR - Click HERE to learn more about me
Contact us to arrange a FREE 'discovery' consultation and there’s absolutely no obligation. We feel this is essential to ensure your business receives the right support, at the right time, at the right price, every step of the way​​
Please contact me to arrange a FREE discovery consultation
​​All of our Outsourced HR services can be accesed on a ​Continuous Solution basis (no-tie in option), a 'When you need it' solution (Day/Hourly rates apply) or on a Project basis (POA. Based on time/location). Whichever method you choose you can be assured that the commitment, professionalism and level of expertise remains consistent. Please check out the endorsements on the Get in Touch page 
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